Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between farmers and the families who eat the food they grow.  

The Japanese name for Community Supported Agriculture means "Food with the farmer's face on it"

Each family commits to buying a box of mixed produce each week, while as farmers, we commit to providing a generous box of absolutely fresh, high quality produce to each family each week. 

Here at Symara Organic Farm we operate a successful CSA scheme from our property near Stanthorpe in Queensland's Granite Belt. 

Our CSA subscribers :   

As farmers we:   

CSA subscribers out in the paddock









Are you a farmer who is fed up with being mistreated by wholesalers, feeling isolated and unconnected with the people who eat the food you grow?   Would you like to change to a much more rewarding farming system? 

Are you not a farmer but are someone who yearns to re-engage with your farming roots but are scared off by doom and gloom farmer stories or feel you lack experience and knowledge?

We have a service available to assist with the daunting task of setting up your own Community Supported Agriculture project, finding subscribers and managing  production, harvesting, packing, and produce distribution.  To find out more, click here, contact us by or call the homestead on 07 4683 2332.