Community Supported Agriculture Resources

Why Community Supported Agriculture?

There is no doubt about it, farming has changed a lot in the last 50 years.  In our grandparents time, it was possible to make a living from a small farm, growing a good diversity of crops.

Since then farmers have been encouraged to specialise in one or two crops and 'get big or get out'.  These attitudes and the flow on impacts of increasing costs and diminishing returns have been largely responsible for the massive decline in small family farms in Australia.

For those wishing to become farmers, the transition seems impossible.checking out the dam

Unscrupulous middle men profiteering from farmers hard work have exacerbated the problem.

In our cities and towns there are thousands of people who are disenfranchised with our industrialised food distribution and production systems, people who want to know how and where their food is grown and to have a meaningful connection with the farmers who grow their food.

Enter Community Supported Agriculture(CSA)

The CSA movement has quietly been gaining momentum over the last 20 or 30 years. A recent study estimated that there were upwards of 18,000 CSAs in the USA alone!  The beauty of the CSA model is that it brings together town people and farmers to give everybody what they need and deserve.  Farmers get a fair return for their expertise and labours, and acknowledgement for a job well done, while people in cities and towns get fresh, real food and a meaningful connection with the farmer who grew the food.

Symara Organic Farm CSA Resources

Here at Symara Organic Farm, we have made the journey from being a small part of the industrial food machine, to now being our own small scale food production, marketing and distribution system, paid fairly for our labours and with a fantastic relationship with the families who eat our produce.

Having done this journey ourselves, and with a passion for seeing meaningful change in our food systems, we can now help others wishing to make the same step.