Jens and Johanna on top of a load of mulchWilling Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is an organisation which helps to match up people who wish to experience life on an organic farm with farmers who could use an extra helping hand.

To register as a WWOOFer  or as a host, go to www.wwoof.com.au .

To find out more about wwoofing at Symara Organic Farm, read on...


WWOOFing at Symara Organic Farmwwoofers alex and patrick from france

Here at Symara Organic Farm, we enjoy hosting wwoofers.  Sharing our knowledge and our home with travellers is something we enjoy.

We have places for up to 4 wwoofers at a time and wwoofing at Symara Organic Farm may help you qualify for a second working holiday visa .


To contact us:

If you are interested in wwoofing with us, send an email to: telling us a bit about yourself.  For example: where you are from, previous experience, occupation, interests, other wwoof experiences... Also tell us when you would like to come to our farm and for how long. 

The Work:

The work we expect you to do includes: picking, planting, weeding, mulching and various other things around the farm.  Mostly the work is varied so you won't be doing the same thing all day every day.

WWOOFers work an average of 4 hours per day (some days more, some days less), with one full day off per week. You are expected to do the work, as directed, to the best of your ability.  This is a working farm, not a holiday resort.

*Note: as of April 2012 the Department of Immigration and Citizenship that in order fo any work (including wwoof) must conform to the Australian standard working week.  what this means is that any wwoofers wishing for their time at Symara Farm to count toward their second working holiday visa must work 35 hours per week.

patrick, patrick and alex packing strawberries...

wwoofer fabienne planting vegetables

 early morning vegetable harvest








home cooked mealsWe eat a mixed diet, much but not all of it organic, a large amount of what we eat comes from our farm.  Vegetarians OK.  



Wwoofers stay in one of our caravans, our custom built "wwoofer mobile" or you can stay in your own tent or campervan.our 'wwoofer mobile'


What to do when you are not working?

Our farm has large areas of natural bushland perfect for walking and exploring, if it is warm you can swim in the farm dam.  From time to time we visit Girraween national park for walking or climbing.  There is a selection of board games andThe farm dam cards, plus internet access.  Play fetch with the dog, or, you could just collapse in the hammock and read a book. 



What should I bring?

You will need sturdy working clothes including lightweight, long sleeved shirts, footwear suitable for working outdoors and a hat.  Your clothes will get dirty so dont spend heaps of money, a quick visit to an op shop and you will get what you need.

A torch (flashlight) will come in handy also.

camp oven cooking

ruby the dogclimbing at girraween